We Fall Down

We fall down, but we get up We fall down, but we get up We fall down, but we get up For a saint is just a sinner who fell down, and got up. I used to hate this song. Still might not favor it. But right now, it seems to ring true with me... Continue Reading →

These Boots Were Made For Walking…

Today I turned something down...again. It almost feels like I'm a pro at quitting. Walking away is a skill of mine I guess. But you know what? It sucks. I find myself questioning: am I turning stuff down out of fear? Pride? Irritation? I would be lying to say that I could say no to... Continue Reading →

Every Little Step I Take

...You will be there. Every little step I make, we'll be together... Ya'll know the song! Bobby Brown may have been referring to a female, but me, I'm talking about God. ¬†When I decided to quit my job, (with the guidance of the Holy Spirit of course) I prayed and promised that from that point... Continue Reading →

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