If Nobody Sang Along…

Would I even tell my story?
Would I even sing my song?
If nobody sang along

Would I take the time to write it?
Would I say what’s on my mind?
If nobody sang along

Maybe I should tell my story
Maybe I should sing my song
And somebody just might sing along

Maybe if I only write it
And just say what’s on my mind
I’d be all over your TV screen
The radio would play what I believe

If I just say what’s inside of me
I might set somebody free
If I just be me, me

Chrisette Michelle

Often, we do things for a reaction: usually acceptance, sometimes shock and awe. Either way, we’re doing it for people. Intentions may be good, but if our focus is not deeply rooted in Christ, we’ll fall into the trap of “people pleasing”.

Truth is, I’ve been slave to people for a long time now. Not where I am following them and running after their approval. No, I’ve conditioned myself to be the outsider. The floater. The nonchalant diva who could care less…but still secretly desire for you to follow me.

Yeah…Be more like ME. Listen to ME. Seek ME out for advice. I’m that girl that everyone should like, because I’m just that cool. That talented. That dope. So, when it seems as if I’m rolling solo (no admirers/fans/followers or even friends and associates), I tend to compare myself to others.

I have to continuously pray that I guard my heart and ego from looking to get validation from people and numbers: likes, comments, shares, etc. It’s difficult, especially as a Christian. There IRONICALLY comes this desire to be accepted and well liked…by everyone (mainly other Christians) when we’ve already been accepted AND confirmed by Christ.

In light of this crazy conundrum that is Christians being OBSESSED with MAN worship; it’s difficult to want to do something that may put you in a spotlight. While I desire to be liked, I also don’t want to indulge my ego.
It’s extremely tempting to get caught up. People praise other people so much, yet criticize them in the same breath.

Do I need a whole heap of followers? No. Have I imagined having a lot? Yep. And that scares me. Makes me question my motives: is this really for Christ or for Faithe? Whatever the fears; I’ma keep going.

I have hope that there is at least one. One soul, one person who needs to come across something I write that could lead to them being set free.

But what if there is no one? As long as the Lord convicts me, I will write….no matter how long it takes (as I originally wrote this blog in FEBRUARY) no clue what his plans are. But I choose to obey… at least for tonight.

The Holy Spirit is funny, he told me to write today. Who knew that just meant to finish writing AND actually publish what you already wrote that still applies to you now. So here’s to learning to be content with an audience of 1.

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