Back In the Days Part 2

By the time I had reached spring of 7th grade, about half of the boys in my grade had sucked my breasts and a couple tried to do more. I recall one very persistent guy asking if he could finger me while I was at the water fountain, but I informed him that he wasn't... Continue Reading →

Death Becomes Her…

....Victory. Death becomes her victory... that's what happened when my mother passed on this day 2 years ago. Her death was not sorrowful, it was purposed, and I think she knew it. As I'm sitting now at my Godfathers funeral, I hear everyone talk about how great of a man he was and while I... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to You!!!

Today is October 2, 2013 and it would have been my mother's 60th birthday. I imagine if she was here, we would have planned a big celebration for her. But she's not... In two weeks, on the 17th, will be the 2 year anniversary of her death.  I wish those dates weren't so close...but they... Continue Reading →

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