Losing My Religion

An Epilogue of My Early Years... My mother always told me who I was. She said, "Faithe, you are God's child. Never forget that he named you while you were still in my womb...'Call her Faithe Elizabeth because she will be my servant'. You are faithfully consecrated to God baby, don't forget that."  My mother once... Continue Reading →

Back In the Days Part 3…

8th grade was the worst year of my life emotionally.  It felt like I had gone from on top of the world to the bottom of the barrel being stepped on by every living creature imaginable. I was a wreck...but I couldn't let anyone see that. But then again, they never asked. My parents told... Continue Reading →

Back In the Days Part 2

By the time I had reached spring of 7th grade, about half of the boys in my grade had sucked my breasts and a couple tried to do more. I recall one very persistent guy asking if he could finger me while I was at the water fountain, but I informed him that he wasn't... Continue Reading →

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