Just Do it


You know how you make your plans for the day and then when something happens that alters those plans you want to change the whole plan?

Well, I do. My plan was to be up by 9am (I went to sleep around 3:30am) go to the office around 10:30 and just work.  HA! I basically just woke up.

But I can either let that defeat me and stay home or decide to get up,  get dressed and do what I can.

Even if you wake up late (like me) start where you are. Yep,  right now I’m still dirty with crust in my eyes and breath on fire…BUT I’ve decided to get up.  I’m going to move. Today I’m not working from home.

God wants me to keep my word,  to him and mainly to myself.  I’ve gotten so used to changing the plan when things don’t go the way I think it want them to. And by changing,  I mean stopping,  basically using the situation as an excuse to not do it at ALL.

I know this seems little,  but it’s a big deal to me. To retrain my mind to still act,  even though I can rationalize why I can just try again tomorrow. But morning by morning new mercies I see… strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow… Great is Thy Faithfulness.

If I serve a faithful God,  shouldn’t I be faithful to him? This year and every year after will be about Active Faithe. It’s time to get in the game. No more contemplating,  rationalizing  and being emotionally led.

Even if it’s just an hour at the office:go. Even if you can only give $1: give.
Even if you don’t have an audience: speak.
Even if you don’t have a car: walk.
Even if you feel alone: do.

In ALL things,  do it by faith. Do it now,  not later. Trust in God to sustain you and give you strength and provision. As my father likes to remind me that Nike says it best: Just Do It.

Now let me get up, eat and get dressed!

Romans 14:23 “Whatever is not from faith is sin.”

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