Sharing Message on Daily Bible Devotion

I want to share this message from Daily Bible Devotion:

And now, O Lord, hear their threats, and give us, your servants, great boldness in preaching your word. (NLT)

Acts 4:29 NLT + More Versions

There are many situations in life that call for bold action. Usually it’s a social situation and interacting with someone else. Certainly a great amount of prayer is needed to be courageous because you are stepping out of your comfort and aligning yourself with Christ. Boldness is part of the journey in faith that we can plant the right seed or lead people in the right direction when we answer their questions. No matter how small it may be, is there a step you could take today towards being bold in your faith?

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This is so appropriate for me.  What I am experiencing makes realize how important it is to stay open and approachable about my life and my journey. I do share things,  but usually just the information that I don’t mind revealing.
It’s hard for me to reveal things that I’m embarrassed about.  However,  when I started this blog,  I wanted to have a place where I can speak my mind freely and be bold for Christ: while I’m in the midst of my transition.
So be prepared,  in here and in real life I will talk about God because he is first in my life.  If at any point my boldness offends you,  then maybe it’s meant for you to dig deeper. 

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