It’s been a long while since I left you…

….Without a dope beat to step to…. So hey! I’ve been MIA (typical Faithe) but I’m back! I have a ton of catching up to do and have loads of things swarming around in my head. I had originally planned to post about something else on my mind, but think that requires some more research and time. But anyhoo, I’m giving myself a pat on the back, literally, I said I was going to write a post today, (Maegan I did it!!!) so that’s what I’m doing at 11:04pm. But trust, this is going to be short because I’m tired.

I started a workout challenge yesterday. It’s the 30 Day Cardio Challenge, so I decided that in order for me to stick with it I will have to actually report my progress online. So I’ll be posting on fb, twitter, instagram etc with pics of whats happening. But I will take it a step further and actually do a journal on here to document how I feel while on the challenge. But that’s enough for now, like I said, I’m tired.

Hold up, wait…What was my progress for today,” you ask?….

I sweated…drip drip drip, splat! Right in yo eye!

541044_10100739659743071_206048478_nDay 2!!!

No excuses!!!!

To be continued…when I wake up…

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