Maybe, Tomorrow

This morning, when I woke up, my mind was clear. I was able to think and plan out what I wanted to talk about for my next 2-3 posts. I was eager about writing down my ideas and getting started. But a funny thing happened, since then, I have totally forgotten just about EVERYTHING I wanted to blog about. Why is this significant? Because it’s a great example to how distracted I get. I’m not a “planner” per say…well no, I’m not a planner period lol. I have no clue what it is like to operate on a schedule. If I find myself, starting to plan, like writing it down on a calendar or to do list, I forget the most important part…. I never go back and check it.  It’s a vicious cycle, a bad habit I have adapted since I was a young girl.  My intentions were good, great even. In my head I had it all planned out, but my reality just doesn’t reflect that. I’m stuck, blocked. With nothing to really write about. I have some ideas, but they are not developed yet, and frankly I don’t feel like taking the time to fully develop the concept. Not right now.  Shoot it took me 3+ hours just to write this paragraph. Story of my life, I want to do something, I plan it in my head, but eventually, never get around to doing it. More on that later. Right now, Ima pass out sleep watching this Eddie Murphy tribute. Maybe, tomorrow will have a better outcome…yeah TOMORROW

…I hope you can sense every drop of sarcastic drool those last words were laced with…

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