Lemme Clear my Throat!

So I created this blog to use as a personal journal/outlet for me.  Oh who am I? Well I’m Faithe, yeah with a “e“. Oh and the e is silent. So it’s just FAITHE not Faith-E. Sorry, I had to clarify that. You would be amazed at how many people get that wrong. I must admit, it really irks my nerves when people pronounce it wrong. But what is really amazing is how many people don’t even say Faithe when they are referring to me; they say Face, Faye, Fate etc. Smh. It has gotten to the point where if someone shouts out, “Aye!”, I immediately turn my head like “Huh? What?”… and that can get pretty awkward, lol.  Oh and spellcheck sucks! That red line continuously harasses me every time all because of the e! Hmmm, I wonder how all the “uniquely named” persons in the world feel.

Anyway, I digress. So now that the proper pronunciation has been covered, let’s get to the real deal. Faithe (yes I refer to myself in 3rd person) is a CHAOTIC MESS!!!! However, she is no different from anyone who is going through life and changes. For years I considered myself an outlier compared to everybody else. My struggle was different, I was unique. Oooh and I HATED to meet someone who seemed more quirkier(sp), sillier, smarter, creative, etc than me. Those were MY adjectives! If they applied to everyone else, then who was I??? What defined me? I felt like I had no identity. I was a lost soul, searching for ME. So here we are now, as I’m sitting here flipping between Tia & Tamera and Keyshia & Daniel, I think about me. I recently rededicated my life and I’m not sure if I have found all of ME just yet, but for the 1st time ever, I’m actively searching. Over the course of this blog and these “random” posts, I hope you get to know more about me, as I learn about myself; who I am, what I want and what’s my purpose…but mainly finding God’s purpose for me and my journey towards finding Faith(e). 😉

5 thoughts on “Lemme Clear my Throat!

      1. Being creative ebbs and flows, chica. Don’t beat yourself up if/when you hit writer’s block. If it’s a gift from God, it never goes away. Sometimes you have to take things in before you can pour them out! :~)

  1. Can’t wait to read more…I am definitely going through a similar process so I am anxious to see how things turn out:-)

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