I didn't want to lose control. I don't want to lose control of me. That has been a HUGE fear of mine and honestly I thought I had progressed past this point. But I recognize something very clear- I think I like feeling stuck. Feeling dependent like I need a hand to not just guide... Continue Reading →

History Repeating

It felt like deja vu....but it was different. This time it wasn't my mother, it was my brother. Saturday, January 4, 2014,  I received a phone call that halted everything I had planned. I was at praise team rehearsal and we were preparing to sing for that Sunday's service. Typically, I would have just muted... Continue Reading →

It’s A Different World…

...than where you came from! Maaannnn if that isn't the truth!  Last weekend I went back to Statesboro, GA to attend my homecoming and I found myself awake at 8:45am reading scripture and writing in my journal. This is a recollection of my experience... It's Saturday, Homecoming Game Day at  Georgia Southern University. If you... Continue Reading →

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