I wasn't going to write today, I reasoned that I just have too much on my plate. However, I felt in my spirit that I needed to. I'm certain that I'm no different from anyone else. Like, we feel busy with so much, but yet it's like nothing really seems to get accomplished...or am I... Continue Reading →

Break Every Chain

In the past year, God has shown me a lot. But the main thing I have noticed is this. There's something wrong happening with a majority of Christians these days: we're proclaiming a santification void of deliverance. What does this mean? It means some proclaiming Christians are still WILLINGLY sinning, whether they know it or... Continue Reading →

Wedding Update

Before I continue my much needed confessions, I want to provide a much needed update for wedding plans. I NEED HELP! That's it. Whew, that's a huge confession in itself. I HATE asking for help. Trust me, I know I have PLENTY of family and friends I can ask to assist (your text/call is coming)... Continue Reading →

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