profileI’m Faithe. Still feel newly saved but I’m learning how to let go and pursue God everyday. Learning how to change my habits and my mindset. It’s no easy road so here I write about my struggles, my pains, my joys and whatever else God leads me to write. I remember my past and use it to prepare for my future while enjoying my present now. I may be unconventional,no let me clarify, I AM UNCONVENTIONAL, but that’s me! Hope I can encourage others to seek God fully, He’s got your back! Let go, trust and follow him completely! -Nov 11, 2012


Basically, I’m still unconventional by most Christian standards (because I’m crazy enough to believe I can live this life being fully led by the Holy Spirit). That means I do this for Him alone- however uncomfortable it may be. At this stage- I’m no longer on milk. Stay tuned to see how the Lord uses me during this phase of my walk! -June 23, 2015


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Faithe. I noticed your name (in your comment on Peaceful Single Girl blog) and its Faitheliz. My name too is Faith Elizabeth (I’m guessing that’s your name)!
    Praise God for a fellow believer (and blogger)! I look forward to reading your blog!

    1. Yep! I’m Faithe Elizabeth. That’s so cool. For a sec there I saw the notification like when did I comment on something else lol (faitheliza). Nice to connect with you, I love meeting other Faith’s

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