Finding Jesus

If you read my blogs, then you already know I suck at being consistent with this. But it’s not because I don’t want to, or because I hate writing. Actually, I guess I’ve been sabotaging this because, whether I knew it or not, I’ve been trying so darn hard not to be like everyone else with a blog or “online ministry”.  Or more specifically, my perception of everyone else who does this.

This blogging thing or even social media thing among Christians is like the “it” thing to do. It’s the way to stay relevant, connected and to build a ministry to make Jesus known. And while I don’t deny it’s usefulness in those areas, my fear is that it’s been pimped out as another tool for “popular Christianity” seekers.

You don’t understand how irritated I am with memes, quotes and beautifully scripted scripture posts…not because of the truth…no, it’s the hidden message that’s seeping out from it. “Be like me”.

And frankly, I (somewhat) wanted no part of it. I don’t want you to be like me. Not really. I mean, I do wish people would be more honest (like me lol.) But honestly, I would rather you didn’t even look at me as an example. Why? Because I’m a sinner. I sin! Daily!

There is only one you should try your best to imitate and that’s JESUS CHRIST.

My fear is that I would get caught up in trying to prove how saved I was, “Look at my story!”, “See how God changed me!”, “See how God blessed me!”. Pride, whether it’s admitted or not, it’s rooted in pride. So, even though I know there have been plenty of times I was supposed to write, I fearfully didn’t. Because I don’t really trust me.

And that’s pride too. I was acting like I was in charge of this. I’m not. FindingFaith(e) isn’t about me. It isn’t about my story. It’s about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So, Lord forgive me for making this about me. Forgive me for letting fear lead me & for letting pride rise in my heart.

This may not be my first time saying this, but it must be said again. I have nothing to prove. This isn’t about competition. This isn’t about who’s right and who’s wrong. This is about Jesus. And that’s how it should remain.

So, no I’m not knocking anyone else, but as for me…I’m going to surrender this to God. ALL of it. I can’t sustain this. And if I ever get off track I pray YOU (or you) correct me.

Now, I need to get in my Word so I can get instructions for my daily life…because, like always, Faithe alone, will fall. I pray you do the same…go ahead, log off and talk to God.

~Love you all.

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