Break Every Chain

In the past year, God has shown me a lot. But the main thing I have noticed is this. There’s something wrong happening with a majority of Christians these days: we’re proclaiming a santification void of deliverance.

What does this mean? It means some proclaiming Christians are still WILLINGLY sinning, whether they know it or not. They are trapped. Deluded to the truth or purposely ignoring it. Overwhelmingly,  Christians are in bondage.

Ever spotted a baby in Christ? Yeah, me too. Why? Because their sins are typically still visible; you can tell by how they talk, dress and even act. You won’t be surprised to hear them say they are struggling with sins. So it’s easier to say,  “Oh they are such a mess, glad I’m past that”.

Past what???  Having visible sins? Or have you become accustomed to being the Christian who put on masks?

You know who you are. You volunteer or even pastor, etc. You lay hands on the “lost”, praying over those who just can’t get right.

You say you love meat but wind up choking on milk. You teach and preach but fail to overcome weaknesses of “flesh”. You are the epitome of a Christ follower…according to the standards of your audience.

You know somethings wrong… but it’s with them. There’s activity,  but no power. People still sick, stealing, cheating, lusting, lying, gluttony, arrogant, etc.  New churches being built but more people leaving the church. You want to help but every program you implement just uncover the same problems.

Why? Because we won’t get real and get delivered. We got saved. We speak in tongues. But our attitudes (and more) still suck and the bitter truth is seen,  no matter how much honey you try to cover it with.

But I’m not supposed to speak on this.  Because uncovering sins just adds to the problem.  It makes the “holier” Christians uncomfortable. Ya’ll are so past division...ok.

But dear fellow daughter or son of Abraham, have you consulted with God or has your wisdom seemed like enough? And even if you say it was God…are you certain?

Let’s not forget, if Satan can veil himself as light, couldn’t his followers also? Why am I ranting all of this? Because I’m confessing things I’ve said and done… so, what I’m saying is…we have been deceived.

WHY? HOW? Because the biggest, yet hidden, sin we hold in our hearts is PRIDE.

We’re obsessed with us and then  Christ. Most things we do are done out of our will and strength, fueled by false humility. Which sad to say- is a wide open door.

We pick churches and other Christians who fit our standards and desires, creating division by cliques/denominations. We imply our interpretation of the scriptures is best. We avoid dealing with conflict and instead wash over it with pseudo love, that leaves open wounds.

It’s all rooted in pride!

Why do I find it necessary to defend myself: pride. If I’m hurt or offended why do I gossip instead of taking the offense to my sister or brother: pride. If I cannot take correction: pride. If I have to be in control: pride. If I clamor for recognition: pride. I could go on and on.

But most times, we are like Peter, and believe that while others may fall and turn away- NEVER I LORD, NEVER I! We compare our lives to one another and say,  “I would/could never do that”.

Satan and his crew are having a field day and we’re fighting – with no armor!  He’s a cunning, patient foe and a thief! Do you see the robber at the door and invite him in? No! Yet, that’s what pride does.

But because of pride, some of you will be offended by reading this. You can’t take this truth, it’ll fall on deaf ears and you’ll probably write me off as arrogant, bitter, jealous etc.  Guess what, you’re right. I’ve been all that and more…but thank goodness for repentance! 

This is my journey to complete restoration. It’s not an overnight transformation. Shoot, I’m certain I’ll have to fight down pride for the rest of my life! But now that I know it’s there, and HOW it shows itself in my heart,  I can call upon the Lord to help me. You can’t fight what you don’t see and many of us are blind to ourselves.

The key to deliverance is first admitting that we have a problem. But many of us have believed the lie that we’re “there”. Firm in our faith, been saved for so many years. Been tested and passed many times before and full of wisdom. But what if our confidence in those things opened the very door to our enemy? 

Lord, I see too many of my sisters and brothers in bondage. I’m tired of dead churches,  dead worship, dead prayers.  I’m tired of it all in me.  I keep begging you to light my flame but I refuse to give an eviction notice to the things that keep blowing it out. No more. 

No more pride. No more fear of man. No more gossip. No more gluttony. No more envy. No more lust. No more laziness. No more self righteousness. (It’s a tall order,  but I’m up for the challenge!)

I can’t be silent anymore.  I don’t want to cause division,  but I definitely don’t want any blood on my hands. I want to see the same power that the Acts Church had. Healing! Deliverance! God’s glory!

Let us all agree to pray. I’ll pray that we’ll close whatever doors we’ve left open for the enemy to enter.  I’ll pray that those who’ve been frustrated with church, will not be swept up by the enemy because of hurt and hardened hearts. I’ll pray for true revival, not one based on emotions and popular music. I’ll pray that we stop searching for perfect buildings/people. I’ll pray that we find that narrow path, and stay on it. I’ll pray for deliverance in the name of Jesus,  to break EVERY chain!

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