Wedding Update

Before I continue my much needed confessions, I want to provide a much needed update for wedding plans.


That’s it. Whew, that’s a huge confession in itself. I HATE asking for help. Trust me, I know I have PLENTY of family and friends I can ask to assist (your text/call is coming) but I wanted to open this up to others who might be interested in assisting.

So, what kind of help do I need? Glad you asked.  A LOT!  Tis, true. I can use all the help I can get. So if you are interested, please let me know (comment, text, email, etc). Provide your email and I’ll hit you with deets.

And let me be frank, no one likes to feel as is they can’t afford to have the wedding of their dreams, but at the same time, no one wants to ask for monetary donations to have the almost wedding of their dreams…you caught that? Great! So basically, we’re over that! So if you would like to contribute financially, let us know!

What we are discovering is that we have to prepare for life AFTER the wedding and it’s foolish to spend most of what we have on ONE DAY. Not knocking those who have it to spend, but we don’t. And we’re not trying to keep up with any Jones’s but ourselves. We’re pulling up our big girl and big boy pants. Life isn’t about impressing others; the bible is very clear about not being in debt, lol.

Life is about community. We’re growing and using this as an opportunity to reconnect to those who have impacted us. We’d rather have people that love us, as we are, come to celebrate with us, than people who only want to critique.  Yes, this will be a night for us, but most importantly, the Lord. So let’s just experience the thing that we all value: LOVE.

On another note, as some know, I quit the official RSVP thing on the website, because it was too complicated to keep up with. But please, PLEASE let me know if you plan on attending. Just simply clicking yes on the facebook event page will help A LOT. I would still like to have an estimate of those who will be attending. RSVP Here

You can also email me at with your RSVP.

This planning process can be stressful and I’m determined to keep things as simple and easy for me as possible…and the Mr. –he stressing me too, with all these questions 😉 Again, please help us make this go as smoothly as possible…we’re only 56 days away from #ForeverLoveJones!

*oh yeah, we have a registry, that needs to be updated…but cash is GRRRRREEEEAATTT!!!!!


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