He Loves Me

It's only been a month and I have a confession: I suck as a girlfriend. Yep, that's right, I said it. I suck at being a girlfriend.  It's my boo's birthday and I found myself stressing because I've never celebrated a birthday of a significant other. Matter of fact,  it's been 12 years since I've... Continue Reading →

The Aftermath

I thought I was ok. I had handled everything so well. The peace I had that day made me feel so close to God like we were best friends. He was looking out for me.   So when he told me to walk around my neighborhood that evening,  I happily obliged. It was something he had... Continue Reading →

Stormy Weather

After the bomb dropped, there was a calmness, like in the eye of a storm. I even spoke to my dad to telling him everything and he was calm! So then, I reached for my phone to call guy. But I heard the Holy Spirit tell me not to. Told me that he would text... Continue Reading →

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