It’s a Cover-up (Sermon)

Ever been going through something and you just need to hear a word, then that word just happens to address what you’re going through EXACTLY?!?!

Yeah, ok then we’re on the same page. That’s how it was an hour ago.  I needed God’s word but felt blocked and couldn’t open my Bible.  So I prayed to the Lord saying, “ok, im gonna watch an Elevation Church sermon, can you lead me to the right one?”

Granted it’s the newest one they just posted, but I went to the app the other day and scrolled right past it.  Today I did the same because the series title “Stay cation” just didn’t seem like it could possibly have anything to do with what I’m going through.

Nevertheless, I scrolled back up and clicked on it, sure to be a little disappointed. But when I clicked on the sermon title, the description shocked me; and I eagerly pressed play.

God is faithful. This sermon confirmed EVERYTHING I’m experiencing right now. It left me more resolved to continue to reveal the things God had told me to and allow him to cover me.

So, take some time and watch it because it’ll help lay the foundation of why I’ll be more transparent than ever going forth.

Watch “It’s a Cover-Up”
Elevation Church

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