Book Worm Vol 1


For a good while, I starved myself of the one hobby I found most pleasure in: reading.  So for my birthday,  I treated myself to several books that I figured would help me get out of the rut I’ve been in. That was in March…

The first book, found here I finished pretty quickly. It was a great book I believe helped me evaluate the foundation on what I believe is worship; or reevaluate I should say. I wound up passing it along, but need to get it back as I’d like to keep it apart of my must reads.

It took me forever to finish reading the 2nd book, Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Matter of fact, I just finished it, like yesterday, after  2 1/2 months.  Now that’s unusual because I’m a fast reader. And the book was great.  Provided information that I shared with others.  But for some reason, I was hesitant to complete it. Maybe because I knew it would convict me. It did.

I chose the succession in which I would read each book, and this is next. Don’t Waste Your Life, you say? Welp. I’ve done that pretty well so far.  Even post salvation.

1st Crazy Love showed me just how comfortable we are as Christians and convicted me about being afraid of being different than everyone else. Now this book I know is just going to cut even more deep than I already am.

But, I signed up for this when I bought them. I’m looking to change and investing in everything that can help me learn how to let the Holy Spirit lead me.  Like sometimes, I just need current/practical examples other than what the bible has.  So cheer me on and hold me accountable as I dive into this book. 

It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. 

*forgive any typos, I didn’t proof this.


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