Throwback Thursday Vol. 2

This was me exactly May 21st, 2014, last year. This was when I realized how much weight I had lost. I was down around 30 pounds. I was so proud that I had to make a social media post to let everyone know how God had restored me to be able to love myself enough... Continue Reading →

It Was All a Dream

Soooo let's talk about what I did on Monday. I had fun! A friend of mine posted on IG how she needed a makeup model last Friday.  Well, I volunteered because I love makeup. Our schedules conflicted for Friday, so we agreed to get up Monday. Something in my spirit urged me to get my... Continue Reading →

Book Worm Vol 1

For a good while, I starved myself of the one hobby I found most pleasure in: reading.  So for my birthday,  I treated myself to several books that I figured would help me get out of the rut I've been in. That was in March... The first book, found here I finished pretty quickly. It... Continue Reading →

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