Truth Hurts

Below is a  Facebook status I put up after a number of things occurred. I had just received some news that left me seriously disappointed. In addition to being led to leave the boutique I was working with, I was now seeing that something else I had prayed about would not be. But the ironic thing... Continue Reading →

It’s A Different World…

...than where you came from! Maaannnn if that isn't the truth!  Last weekend I went back to Statesboro, GA to attend my homecoming and I found myself awake at 8:45am reading scripture and writing in my journal. This is a recollection of my experience... It's Saturday, Homecoming Game Day at  Georgia Southern University. If you... Continue Reading →

Losing My Religion

An Epilogue of My Early Years... My mother always told me who I was. She said, "Faithe, you are God's child. Never forget that he named you while you were still in my womb...'Call her Faithe Elizabeth because she will be my servant'. You are faithfully consecrated to God baby, don't forget that."  My mother once... Continue Reading →

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