I’m Tired…Part 2

So, I had my first prophetic encounter that I actually believed.  That fact boggles my mind. I mean,I'm not a newbie to it; I come from a family of dreamers and see-ers. I remember one time my aunt told me she had a dream I would come home 6 months pregnant- so as you can... Continue Reading →

Sharing Message on Daily Bible Devotion

I want to share this message from Daily Bible Devotion: And now, O Lord, hear their threats, and give us, your servants, great boldness in preaching your word. (NLT) Acts 4:29 NLT + More Versions There are many situations in life that call for bold action. Usually it's a social situation and interacting with someone... Continue Reading →

I’m Tired… Part 1

There's a hole in my heart...My soul... is bleeding... I need to free...my mind...And see what...I'm feeling... Cause Lord knows, Lord knows, I'm...... TIRED... Man if Kelly Price didn't take those words straight from my head. I am so tired, and not just because it's close to 5am and I'm still awake. No it's much deeper... Continue Reading →

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