Tis THAT Season…to say THANK YOU.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and apparently I'm supposed to make the dressing...O_O. Let me clarify, I can cook...matter of fact I'm a beast in the kitchen, when I feel like it. Problem is I don't know if I feel like making dressing...like what kind of dressing; savory, semi-sweet, nutty?  From scratch, semi scratch, or Stove Top it???... Continue Reading →

Maybe, Tomorrow

This morning, when I woke up, my mind was clear. I was able to think and plan out what I wanted to talk about for my next 2-3 posts. I was eager about writing down my ideas and getting started. But a funny thing happened, since then, I have totally forgotten just about EVERYTHING I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Lemme Clear my Throat!

So I created this blog to use as a personal journal/outlet for me.  Oh who am I? Well I'm Faithe, yeah with a "e". Oh and the e is silent. So it's just FAITHE not Faith-E. Sorry, I had to clarify that. You would be amazed at how many people get that wrong. I must admit, it... Continue Reading →

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